Sneak Preview

Ahead of the publication of the Aggregate anthology, the lovely people at Writerfield have made my story, April Showers, available on their website. AS is a story about sibling rivalry and puddles, while Aggregate is a collection of stories ‘at the intersection of science fiction and horror’ featuring a rather special author.

Here’s the link to my story if you fancy a five minute read,


2 thoughts on “Sneak Preview

  1. April Showers really resonated with me Nash in many ways, very close to home. I do love your writing style and this, so evocative. Thanks for posting it and Happy New Writing Year !


    1. I think it quite special when one manages to take something away with them after reading a story. And I’m thrilled April Showers worked that way for you. Have a lovely 2020 yourself, Suzi.

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