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Exhibiting UDP

One of the topics I’m exploring in my story, Hashtag Rewilding, is sexual harassment and how it is ingrained in our society.

This behaviour has transferred to the virtual world where it has become rife, possibly because devices offer a false sense of anonymity. A lot of the women I know have been sent unsolicited pictures of male genitalia via social media. If that is the case, then we must surely come into daily contact with men who have sent this type of image.

Whitney Bell’s art show, I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime Of Dick Pics, which ran at Rhabbitat L.A. in Spring last year addresses this issue in quite a powerful way. I’ve included Konbini’s interview with Bell here.

Quote: Simone Fiasco. Image source: Vice magazine

Ten Amazing Crow Facts

As a writer, my internet searches tend to be quite bizarre and the results equally so (and regularly NSFW). I have often thought about writing a post containing a list of my most unusual inputs.

Yesterday, I googled ‘crow’s feet’. Not weird particularly, but it did uncover a site all about corvids, a bird species steeped in myth, and one that will feature in my fiction sooner or later.

Here are ‘ten amazing facts’ about corvids via the site, Aves Noir – a site worth exploring.


Euryale 1

Tonight, I was listening to the sound of growling made by dogs and wolves for my current project, Euryale (working title). At first, I wanted to describe the sound, but am now thinking to concentrate on the feeling it unearths within us.

Mudlark 5

The final section in Mudlark is entitled, The Mime. I found these two beautiful performances by Jérôme Murat and Clown Adrien whilst studying the art form in preparation to write my story’s conclusion. First draft of the story has just been completed!.

Enjoy the show!