My name’s Nash and I write dark fiction. Here’s where you can find it:


Free reads:

Coffin Bell: Journal of Dark Literature, Vol 5 Issue 1, (2022) – The Memory of Hannah Babinski  

Aggregate: stories at the intersection between science fiction and horror, ed: Scott Grant, pub: Writerfield (2020)April Showers 



Magic (pub. by Demain Publishing, 2019, reprinted 2022).  A chapbook issue containing two folk horror stories: 


Magazines & Online Journals:

Bleed Error (Fall 2022) features The Body In Deer Leap Woods

Ghostlight, the Magazine of Terror, (2021) features Wounds are Lips Waiting to be Kissed 

Terror Tract, (April 2020) features The Woodwose and his May Queen  

Horla Horror: home of intelligent horror, (2019) features Jake  

Mythic: a quarterly science fiction and fantasy magazine, Issue 3, (2017) features Holding Hands



Kitchen Sink Gothic 2, ed: David & Linden Riley, pub: Parallel Universe Publications (2022) features The Christmas Tree 

Call of the Wyld, ed: Mark Bilsborough, pub: Wyldblood Press (2021) features Rewilding 

Ghosts, Spirits, Specters Vol 1,ed: Xtina Marie, pub: HellBound Books (2019) features The Red Spot Murders

Monsters Among Us, ed: Claire Fitzpatrick, pub: Oscillate Wildly Press (2017) features Hypnos

Speculative Valentine Drabbles, ed: Roy C. Booth & Jorge Salgado-Reyes (2015) pub: Indie Author Press features The Banshee’s Gift 

From the Corner of Your Eye, ed: David F. Kramer, pub: Great Old Ones Publishing (2015) features Poseidon’s Standing Stones 

Trysts of Fate, ed: Lee Ann Story Sikora, pub Alban Lake (August 2015) features What You Wish For

Wrapped in Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult, ed: Jennifer L. Greene, pub: Sehkmet Press (2014) features Pigeon 

The Serial Killers Quattuor, ed: James Ward Kirk, pub: JWK Fiction (2014) features The Handwritten Journal

The Rogues Gallery: The Illustrated Police News, ed: Alex Scully pub: Firbolg Publishing (2014) features Felicity Cinch 

Changes, ed: Dorothy Davies, pub: Horrified Press (2014) features Bruce, Wayne and Mike 

22 More Quick Shivers ed: pub: Cosmonomic Multimedia (2014) features A Persuasive Argument…  


Some kind words from readers and editors about my work:

  • “[Nash’s] writing is poetic and lovely. It is also creepy and immersive, and the build up of dread is palpable.”
  • “Intriguing, mystifying and deeply sinister.”
  • “terribly authentic”.
  • “rich in ideas and kept me riveted.”
  • “A long and thought-provoking story… and one which stretches the genre.”
  • “Macabre magnificence”.

While you’re here check out the Creased Spine Bookshelf for my fiction recommendations.

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