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Flash Slam Virgin

I took part in my first prose Flash Slam at Stokes Croft, Bristol on Friday night and brought my family along for moral support. Seven writing groups battled it out for the honour of being Flash Slam Champions 2017. We all had to write a three hundred word piece and read it aloud … in to a microphone … in front of an audience.

Our team, We Thought It Was Speed Dating, came second, beaten by the mighty Stokes Croft lot.

There is a skill to reading out and someday I may learn it, meanwhile I’ll concentrate on getting the written word right!

Stokes Croft

By The Graveside


As Ophelia waved her tail in farewell and our very own Brian approached with all the stormy power its name suggests, our Tales From The Graveyard, the proposed tour of Arnos Vale with accompanying fiction, was limited to the Anglican chapel that crowns the cemetery’s hill.

The austerity of the building combined with candlelight shadows was the perfect gothic setting for our readings of the macabre and the horrible. And with an added soundman, Rich Jeffery, there maybe an audio book of the event in the future.

Among the North Bristol Writers that took part were:

Pete SuttonMaria Herring who was reading a story by Kevlin HenneyChrissey HarrisonJustin NewlandClare DornanJay MillingtonIan Millsted, and Piotr Sweitlik,

With the poet B Adriaens reading my contribution this ghoulish evening was concluded.

With thanks to the Arnos Vale staff – great coffee, by the way – and, of course, our audience – I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Look out for the Tales From The Graveyard print anthology in 2018