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Pissing on Dreams

Yesterday I watched this clip showing a little girl’s reaction to the announcement of the new Doctor Who.

Today I read an article published by The Independent stating that The Sun and The Mail Online – two national newspapers, one with an average print circulation of over 1.7 million, the latter with a daily average of over 15 million unique browsers, in June 2017 (source Press Gazette) – published nude photos of the actress chosen for the Doctor Who role.

Let’s ask ourselves, what the fuck are we doing to our daughters?

Smashing Ponies and Grooming Transformers

I took my children to see Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast on the big screen today, but I’m not going to talk about that.

There were only two commercials advertising toys screened before the movie: a My Little Pony ad showing young girls playing gently with and brushing the product, and a Transformer toy ad showing a young boy playing roughly with this product.

Seeing these reminded me just how far we’ve progressed in the elimination of gender stereotypes.