WrappedinBlack NEW COVERMaddie followed the path straight to the Goddess; she knew the Goddess took care of her own.

‘Pigeon’ is leaving readers “breathless”. Find it among twelve other wicked tales of witches and the occult in the ‘Wrapped In Black’ anthology. The book is the latest in the ‘Wrapped’ series from Sekhmet Press LLC.

Read an extract from Pigeon here.

Here’s what Vix Kirkpatrick at the FluffyRedFox had to say about ‘Pigeon’:

Maddie has removed her amulet and now Jack, ex-lover/married another woman/living the wonderful life Jack, is literally in melt down.

I really enjoyed the fast pace set by the author, there was no let up, pushing, pushing, pushing….until, Bang.  Glad this was fairly short as am sure I was holding breath for the entire read”

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Behind the Scenes of ‘Wrapped In Black’ with Gregory Norris

Gregory NorrisWriter and contributor, Gregory Norris, delves into the minds of the other authors to find out what inspired them to write their tales of witchcraft for the new Wrapped In Black anthology published by Sekhmet Press LLC. Read the scary truth here.