Author: Eric Nash

Horror writer and top bloke



Magic (pub. by Demain Publishing 2022). Chapbook featuring two folk horror stories: Magic (first pub. Demain Publishing 2019), and The Woodwose and his May Queen (first pub. Terror Tract 2020).

Magazines and Online Journals

The Memory of Hannah BabinskiCoffin Bell: Journal of Dark Literature, Vol 5 Issue 1, (2022)

Wounds are Lips Waiting to be KissedGhostlight, the Magazine of Terror, (2021)

The Woodwose and his May QueenTerror Tract, (April 2020)

JakeHorla Horror: home of intelligent horror, (2019)

Holding HandsMythic: a quarterly science fiction and fantasy magazine, Issue 3, (2017)


The Christmas Tree published in Kitchen Sink Gothic 2, ed: David & Linden Riley, pub: Parallel Universe Publications (2022)

Rewilding published in Call of the Wyld, ed: Mark Bilsborough, pub: Wyldblood Press (2021)

April Showers published in Aggregate: stories at the intersection between science fiction and horror, ed: Scott Grant, pub: Writerfield (2020)

The Red Spot Murders published in Ghosts, Spirits, Specters Vol 1, ed: Xtina Marie, pub: HellBound Books (2019)

Hypnos published in Monsters Among Us, ed: Claire Fitzpatrick, pub: Oscillate Wildly Press (2017)

The Banshee’s Gift published in Speculative Valentine Drabbles, ed: Roy C. Booth & Jorge Salgado-Reyes (2015) pub: Indie Author Press

Poseidon’s Standing Stones published in From the Corner of Your Eye, ed: David F. Kramer, pub: Great Old Ones Publishing (2015)

What You Wish For published in Trysts of Fate, ed: Lee Ann Story Sikora, pub Alban Lake (August 2015)

Pigeon published in Wrapped in Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult, ed: Jennifer L. Greene, pub: Sehkmet Press (2014)

The Handwritten Journal published in The Serial Killers Quattuor, ed: James Ward Kirk, pub: JWK Fiction (2014)

Felicity Cinch published in The Rogues Gallery: The Illustrated Police News, ed: Alex Scully pub: Firbolg Publishing (2014)

Bruce, Wayne and Mike published in Changes, ed: Dorothy Davies, pub: Horrified Press (2014)

A Persuasive Argument… published in 22 More Quick Shivers ed: pub: Cosmonomic Multimedia (2014)