The Jukebox Series – the lemon song

The posts in this series aren’t going to be witty, and probably not even interesting. They’re not going to be a social commentary, or a sermon, and I don’t expect comments. They will be just a bunch of very short recollections of things that have made smile. I hope they make you smile too.

There are several moments in my life which I remember vividly, this includes the music that was playing at the time. Music is very important to me. It provides an energy; a buzz that spurs me on through the day.

I’d like to share the songs that have stuck with me and the memories they conjure whenever I hear them. Thought I’d start with The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin.

Over twelve years ago I was seeing a girl who lived in a flat several miles outside London. I lived three hours away and every Friday evening I would ride the distance to stay at her place for the weekend.

Early on Saturdays I would wake, go into the kitchen, and brew some coffee. When I was there the very first morning, I heard the girl pad to the bathroom. I turned, looked down the hall and saw that she had not shut the door and was standing facing the sink with her back to me. She wore nothing but a sarong tied low on her hips. Her legs were straight as she leaned slightly forward and used her left hand to draw her long dark hair clear of her face. That girl stole a piece of my heart as she brushed her teeth.

This tune was playing at the time:


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