Dublin Ghost Story Festival 2016

Why hasn’t this happened before? Who cares? It’s happening now!

Swan River Press

dublin logo final copySo this is pretty exciting news.

For quite some time I’ve been pondering the idea. Is it even possible? The question kept me up nights, brain scheming. I remember a while back now – a year and a half ago, maybe? – talking to John Connolly on Dame Street after a chance meeting. I asked him if he thought it could be done, if it should be done. “Yes. Definitely,” he said. No hesitation. And who am I to argue? So this week we made the final arrangements.

Ladies and gentlemen: Do you like ghosts? Do you like books? Do you like Guinness? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then I’d like to formally invite you to the first Dublin Ghost Story Festival.

While we’re still putting together some of the details, I wanted to make the announcement straight away so people could…

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5 thoughts on “Dublin Ghost Story Festival 2016

    1. See my post below. You can get flights for under £10 if you use a Master Debit Card.

  1. I saw this and spat my coffee out when I saw it. Adam Neville is a personal hero of mine. He has written one of the most haunting books I have ever read. It’s imagery crept into my dreams and made me quite restless for a few weeks. I am going and can’t wait.

    P.S I have found that if you use eDreams (http://www.edreams.co.uk/) to book flights get a Master Debit Card. So much cheaper with on these.

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