Kitchen Sink Gothic 2

Kitchen Sink Gothic: “tales of darkness and horror, of the supernatural and the weird within the overall framework of the social realism of the kitchen sink drama.” – David Riley, Editor

The second volume in the Kitchen Sink Gothic series published by Parallel Universe Publications features my short story, The Christmas Tree. The premise of the story was inspired by a conversation I had one December a couple of years back, with a friend whose family had recently lost a loved one and were dreading the upcoming festivities.

Kitchen Sink Gothic 2 is a charity anthology and all royalties from its sales will be donated to Homeless charities. Homelessness is a massive problem for the UK. Shelter reported as recently as December 2019 that “280,000 people are recorded as homeless in England, an increase of 23,000 since 2016 when the charity first published its landmark annual report.” Given the current economic state, I’ve no doubt that figure will continue to rise.

So, please donate, share the links, leave a review, and, of course, enjoy.

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