Happy Small Press Month!

image source: http://readingthepast.blogspot.co.uk

March is the month in which we celebrate the Small Press. I was made aware of this a few days via a Facebook post from Raw Dog Screaming Press. Up until that point I had neither seen nor heard anything about Small Press Month. This was surprising as I had assumed an integral part of being a Small Press publisher is marketing and promotion.

There are some excellent small press businesses out there bringing the reader new and established voices in, not only genre fiction, but in literature as a whole. They care hugely about the language: the power of the written word: the story, and hopefully they may make a little money on the way.

Writers battle against their peers when these guys call for submissions, because they know that indie publishing is where the writer can engrave their name in the reader’s mind and be the foundations for a writer’s reputation.

Readers, go buy Small Press publications, download their FREE and not-the-free books. Support these guys or you’ll never discover the best in modern literature.

So, let’s celebrate the Indie publisher this March. Hey, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in print (yes, I know what you just thought). And if one Small Press in particular hadn’t accepted my first submission in years, then I probably wouldn’t have continued writing short fiction.

Happy Small Press Month!

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