Frome’s First-Ever SF&F Literary Evening

In a couple of weeks time I will be one of the guests at the first-ever Frome Science Fiction Literary Evening. It is being held at The Three Swans on the Sunday July 12th and is part of the amazing Frome Festival.

Am I excited? Yes. Nervous? Definitely, as this will be the first public airing of one of my stories ( or rather an excerpt of). And from now on in I will be working on my delivery nightly. I’m also humbled by being amongst some great names. There will be Joanne Hall, David J Rodger, B Anne Adriaens, John Walton, David Gatward, Jasper Bark, Justin Newland and Piotr Świetlik in attendance, many of whom will be donating prizes to the raffle.

This event will span the speculative fiction range from Science Fiction and Fantasy, to Steampunk, Dystopian futures and Horror. So, wish me luck and if you are any where close on the night, drop on in.

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